Hot Stuff

By Maeve
9 Wilcox Road, Stockwell, SW8 2XA
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Mon-Fri 11am-9pm (last seating), Sat 1-9pm, Closed Sundays
How much?
£15 a head for a good stuffing

Fact: Whilst chomping on a huge cigar I once boogied with Tara Palmer-Whatsherface to Donna Summer’s funky Hot Stuff. But my first (and long overdue) visit to Vauxhall’s Punjabi-style restaurant of the same name will be etched into my consciousness long after those dance floor shenanigans are threadbare memories. Beyond flawless, this spicy gem boasts the most exemplary service and excellent selection of dishes that you could ever pray to encounter. Fish madras: immense; various bhajis: killer; butternut squash: butterly marvelous; fresh baked nan: nang. What’s more, they topped the night off by serving up some fruity Scooby Doo ice pops and presenting us with a bill that worked out at a mere £15 a head (including a tenner tip). Bring your own booze and be sure to book. / Eamon Downes