House of Crab

81 Grosvenor St, W1K 3JY
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12-6 Monday Tuesday 10-10pm Wednesday,Thursday, Friday 10-6 Saturday.

The temporary location for this little seafood shack is that of former Mayfair institution Chalet – for those who remember what this looked like, try to imagine the opposite: brown wood panels have been painted white, nautical memorabilia have been introduced to bring home the theme, and the small dining area is sparsely decorated to produce a calming, no-fuss space.
As you may have already guessed, the menu is crab heavy. Crab, we learnt, exists in rather large quantities just of the coast of Devon. Yet, most of it is exported to China, France and Spain, because we’ve decided we are a little more interest in lobster – lobster that’s travelled just as far in the opposite direction before getting to us. So, this is not only a more sustainable way to feed your seafood cravings, it’s also a lot tastier, and fresher. All good news.  And there’s more: the guys behind House of Crab have just been granted an extension to stay at this site until summer, when they will have to find a new location from which to serve their seriously tasty rolls. You best get yourself over there quickly – they will be opening for brunch with Crab Kedgeree and Thermidor crab croissant (!) on the the menu.