House of Ho

55-59 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HW
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Chef Bobby Chinn says there are ten stages of drunkenness from 1) witty and charming to 10) bulletproof, via forgetting dinner and thinking that saxophonist Kenny G is a genius. This guide is printed in Chinn’s restaurant in Hanoi, which he set up to help victims of human trafficking. These two things tell you all you need to know about Bobby Chinn: he’s both a nutter and a legend. The night we ate at House of Ho, Chinn served us smoked, caramelised pork belly (so soft and mellow you could eat it for dessert) and did some conversational gymnastics that our lychee vodka-addled brains struggled to keep up with. It didn’t really matter. We got that Chinn’s madly passionate about his new London venture. And with its fab food, buzzy atmosphere and cheap cocktails, we’ll definitely be going back. /Sara Lou