Agua Spa

By Maeve
50 Berners Street, W1T 3NG
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Open daily
How much?
Packages start at £100; food £6 - £13

You’ve just emerged from a lavish morning of peaceful spa treatments. Your skin is glowing from an Eve Lom facial, your body aching with pleasure following the most intuitive massage it has ever known. Feeling peckish, you head to the in-house eatery, peruse the menu and opt for a nice light…steak. Sound a bit wrong? It’s likely what Sanderson chef Peter Lloyd thought when devising agua spa‘s menu. Aiming to provide eats complementary to the treatments, the range of nibbles and elixirs include key minerals and anti oxidants needed to enhance the effectiveness of your body polish etc. Packages are being offered that match the food with the treatment – great gifts for a special someone. A tip: The jetlag juice doubles as a hangover cure and the mung bean and brown rice dish is not only healthy, but filling and lovely. Enjoy. / Chloe McCloskey