J&A Cafe

By Maeve
4 Sutton Lane EC1M 5PU
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Breakfast from £3

On the weekend I had an internal struggle as I often do when eating at midday. To breakfast or lunch, that is always the question. The outcome of my battle was victorious, for I had the best club sandwich in the history of the universe. Birds sang and little cherub children dressed as bunnies danced around me as I took bite after bite of pure bacon, chicken and avocado-ey pleasure. But where did this smackdown of mouth watering bliss happen I hear your mind yelling? Hush, for I will tell ye (err, I’m not entirely sure why I’m now writing as some kind of early century evangelist). For it was at the J&A Cafe ! Tucked away in a backstreet of Clerkenwell, this family run business is a mix of everything I like best; tasty food, friendly staff and a feel to it that makes you think you might have discovered it before everyone else. / Vanessa Morrish