Jumbo Eats

By Maeve
59 Brewer Street London W1F 9UN
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Mon-Fri 7am-5pm Sat 8am - 4pm
How much?
£4 - £6

Sometimes you just want food. Know what I mean? Sometimes you don’t want to seek out some hidden treasure, or wait for a table, or call your mate who knows every restaurant in the Northern hemisphere. Sometimes you just want to walk into a place and say “FOOD” and they hook you up. Don’t get it twisted, there’s a time and place for all the above, but if you just want to be fed (well and quick) and you’re in SOHO, then hit up Jumbo Eats. Normally it goes like this: I walk in and say “I’m hungry” and he guy says “OK, do you like…?” and I say, “Yes. All of it.”. Then he makes a HUMONgous wrap with 2 chicken fillets, peppers, tomatoes, luxury humus etc. Then I hand over about £5-£6 and sit down to stuff my greedy, greedy face. You could eat and walk, but it’s not really a good idea, unless you want to wear most of it. There is NO neat way to eat a Jumbo Wrap. / Foo-D

Photo Credit: Danny Nicholson