64 St Giles High Street, WC2H 8LE
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Use the bright, white lighting and the long, winding queue as an identifier, one of Hong Kong and¬†Yukuhashi’s best loved eateries, Kanada-Ya has arrived. London has grown accustomed and deeply enamoured with ramen over the last few years, but we ain’t seen nothing yet. As usual, we’ve replaced our crystal ball with a short transatlantic flight because New York is way ahead of us on this one. Ramen in the Big Apple carries similar social clout to the doner in London. It’s cheap, it’s fast and it’s communal. Plus it has the added benefit of not being stuffed full of composite horse offal, so it’s an all round win and it’s the future. The restaurant only seats 24 but the turnover is phenomenally quick. This is not a date spot, nor is it for a long slow evening over cocktails (they don’t serve alcohol). Rather, this is post-work/pre-drinks food that will get you and your friends talking. We would advise a quick web-tutorial on ramen, chopstick etiquette if you’re a bit rusty, with the baying crowds at the door, asking for a fork would be an¬†intensely public humiliation.