By Maeve
49 Frith Street W1D 4SG
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Mon-Sat 12pm - 3pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm
How much?
£6 - 13/dish

Yes, I’m way late on this, but I thought I’d write up Koya on the off-chance that a few of you might have sustained some kind of head trauma and are even slower on the uptake than me. I wandered in at lunch on a Saturday and they could only seat me in the bar area, overlooking the kitchen, where I spent the next 40 minutes watching the chefs’ every move like a particularly greedy hawk, eyeballing other people’s food as it went by and adding extra dishes to my already sizable order. Thinly sliced marinated venison? – I’ll have some of that, duck donburi – Hell yes, pass it over, cod tempura & lotus root chips – If you try and take it away, I will cut you with blunt, wooden chopsticks. After getting as over-exited as you’d expect from a guy whose impulse control around food is only slightly better than a pre-hibernation grizzly, I was a nice surprise that for two people it came to 40 quid. What more do you want? / Foo D