Krug & Krustacean *Pop Up*

Gabriel's Wharf, Riverside Walk, SE1 9PP
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Certain laps of luxury rarely open to the public. A bottle of Krug Champagne will start at around £100 and end somewhere around a mortgage. For this unique and brief pop-up they have teamed up London’s favourite purveyors of surf and turf; the maestros behind Beast/Burger & Lobster. In the world of pop-ups, this is something of a super-group. Over the next three days this alliterative duo will be bringing you the taste of Scandanavia with Norwegian crab and Krug’s own bubbly for a fraction of their usual cost. On a cordoned off section of Riverside walk you can enjoy your meal to the backdrop of the London skyline. The choice is between a crab leg salad and a crab sandwich. We recommend getting one of each and sharing, fair warning; you may not feel like parting with your crab leg once you’ve tucked in. The Champagne compliments the rich and flavourful crab perfectly. For us it was an eye opening and rare encounter with a truly special wine. We’d always hoped that the world of top-quality Champagne was just one big con. We’ve been happily drinking supermarket brands for years, safe in the assumption that there was no real difference. Turns out, we were very wrong about that. How are we supposed to go back to Sainsbury’s own brand now? Booking using: 0844 371 5050.