Kua Aina

By matosman
26 Foubert's Place, W1F 7PP
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Mon-Thu 8am - 10pm Fri 8am-10.30pm Sat 10am-10.30pm Sun 11am-7pm
How much?
Meal for 2 with beer, £30

Are you fed up of shivering in Britain’s so called spring weather? Dreaming of sunshine, sand and surf? Interested to try Obama’s favourite burger?! Then you’ll appreciate the joy I felt stumbling into Kua Aina on a dark and wintery March evening. This piece of Hawaii was imported by two Londoners who fell in love with a beachside burger shack and worked with the owner to bring his recipes to London. After ducking beneath a surfboard into a warm basement, I was served a slice of sunshine in a poppy and sesame bun. Burgers are slathered with homemade rubs and sauces and served with bottles of the islands’ craft beers. I decided to join the President and go local with avocado topping. So can you banish wintery weather blues with a burger? As Obama might say, ‘Yes You Can’. / Sara Lou