Kuzu Ocakbasi

By Maeve
269 Well Street, E9 6RG
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11am - 11pm
How much?
£6 should see you right

As well as burgers I also have a loved of other meats, in particular grilled ones. Mangal on Arcola Street is usually my first port of call for a good mixed grill and a healthy portion of Turkish bread and meze, but my other key contender  has got to be this little puppy tucked away in deepest darkest Homerton. Serving up the usual delights, it’s nearly half the price of Mangal but of no less taste or quality. £6 will get you a good portion of chicken, rice, bread and salad. Enough for two to share. Like Mangal, the restaurant isn’t the most aesthetically appealing – but we’re all about substance over style right? Go pretend you’re in Istanbul for the evening./ Firas Waez

Photo Credit: Charles Haynes