La Lampara

By Maeve
216 City Road,. EC1V 2P
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Mon-Fri 6.30am-4pm
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La Lampara is a gem in the rough. Nestled away amongst a rather barren area of off licences and cafés you’d probably not consider heading up this way on your lunch break but you’d be surprised. This little Italian sandwich bar and deli offers an infectious and tasty pocket of goodness among a world of homogenised sandwich bars; La Lampara is a both a fine escape from the cold cityscape and a rather tantalising lunch offering. Grilled panini are order of the day here but they do work to other tastes; their fine Italian coffee is tasty, and it’s all served with the cheeky optimism, jovial outlook and charisma that characterises the old East End. Having a tough day at work? Go fill your belly and get a dose of optimism. / Firas Waez

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall