112 Maiden Lane, WC2N 4BD
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Welcome to the new breed of members clubs. Gone are the mandatory blazers, closet bigotry and obligatory taxidermy. In their place is a sprawling yet intimate venue offering everything from mindfulness courses and literary talks to late night debauchery and fine dining. With all this happening under one roof it would seem cruel to keep us, the baying hoards, at bay with membership requirements. Luckily this new breed has even the proletariat covered. The kitchen is open to the public at lunch, offering guests a ‘day pass’ to enjoy all of the amenities the Club has to offer. If your appetite is sufficiently whetted after that, there are a variety of membership options at your disposal, though none are cheap, all are good value. The phenomenal events listings, curated by Cecily Mullins and Nicola Robinson is another reason to keep a very close eye on happenings at Library. The venue is pitched as a creative hub, a place for literary minded Londoners to converge and get chatting about their craft. Books adorn extensive shelves throughout with guests encouraged to simply pull up and chair and indulge after a yoga session in the adjoined studio. But it’s not all furrowed brows and well-balanced bodies. The late-night bar is manned by some of London’s best (recently poached) barmen. The kitchen, continuing the literary theme, rotates guest chefs as they bring to life culinary creations from their latest food books. This new breed has kept one valuable relic from the past; an indoor smoking terrace. Smoking jackets, moustaches and cognac are optional, the latter is encouraged.