Lobster Kitchen

111 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3NP
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The hoodoo has long been broken. The likes of J Sheeky’s are probably ruing the day that Burger & Lobster opened their doors and bought in the new dawn; the egalitarian lobster. Lobster Kitchen is the next logical step down from the pedestal. Modelled after a New England lobster shack, Lobster Kitchen takes its social cues more from tackle wielding rednecks than black-tie socialites. The small dining area is decorated with all manner of nautical trappings; salt crusted buoys, weather-worn drag nets and, of course, wooden lobster traps. The menu is scrawled above the counter in chalk; it’s nose to tail dining with even the tiddliest of lobster legs utilised with the help of the deep fat frier. The fried pickles (gherkins to us) make a perfect accompaniment for the explosive lobster bisque. This provides a tantalising set up for the main event; the lobster tails. Take your pick of toppings but we recommend the garlic or the thermidor. This is lobster in all its many forms and guises, something for everyone, lobster for the people; red lobster if you will.