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Unit 1, Imperial Hall, 104-122 City Rd, EC1V 2NR
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Unit 1, Imperial Hall, 104-122 City Rd, EC1V 2NR
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How Much?

What does misery love? That’s right, misery loves toasties and cocktails. And so do we. We tend not to read cocktail menus too closely, it always serves us well to ask for the bartender recommendation. In this case, however, we could barely peel our eyes away. You see, at Loves Company they use some rather unusual ingredients; lets see if you recognise any of these: Aphrodesia No. 9, Tears of Ecstasy, Cupid’s Seed and Powdered Libido. Needless to say, by the time we got round to ordering, we were blushing up to theĀ ears. If you want to avoid such embarrassment, a recommendation couldn’t come with a much higher premium than fromĀ the head bartender, Russell Burgess, one of London’s finest. Russell will happily ease the social anxiety his menu causes by making just about anything you could imagine, and making it better than you knew it could taste. After a few devilish and, um…invigorating cocktails you may find yourself drawn to the ‘toasties’ menu. Luckily there are no erotic ingredients involved here; drinking cupid’s seed was enough of an ordeal. We got an order of The Notorious P.I.G. and first fawned, then fought over it, lesson being; it’s too good to share.


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