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59 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1NP
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?How Much

By Ben

59 Northcote Rd, London SW11 1NP
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How Much?

It doesn’t always feel like Italy in London, but with this sweltering heat,  it does a little bit. Embrace it. Go and eat like the Italians do.

Made in Italy’s latest outpost in Battersea is a flawless exhibition of traditional Italian dining. From incredibly creamy burrata served with green pesto to a selection of delicious pizzas served on a variety of different bases to suit your diet/mood. I went for traditional for the old Neapolitan vibe. It was pretty, pretty good.

Of course there’s plenty of variables in the pizza topping department, but my tip is to keep it simple. There’s only so much meat you can stick on a pizza without distracting from the flavour. Go with a margherita or a one with a touch of spicy sausage. Anything else, IMO, is overkill.

Finish it all off with a gelato, and enjoy a lovely glass of Italian wine on the street-side terrace, and you’re halfway to the real deal.




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