Meat Mission

By Maeve
14-15 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG
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Tues - Sat: 12 - 12; Sun: 12pm - 10pm; Mon: Closed
How much?

There are cleverly constructed restaurant back-stories, and then there are real life fables that make you love an eaterie even more and the story behind this place is most definitely the latter. Yianni Papoutsis’s story starts somewhere in the Nevada desert, where he cooked burgers for a camp of people at Burning Man. After studying this fine creation for a fair few months, examining with precision the way in which Americans get it so right, he returned to the UK to sell his wares in a van and Meat Wagon was born. Meat Mission, their third permanent eaterie delivers the same quality, attention to detail and wow factor that gave them the name in the first place. The structure they’ve come across here is probably my favourite too and whether you’re into saucy chicken, or slabs of beef, you’ll not be disappointed. The cocktails are rather good too. / Firas Waez