Meatliquor Queensway

By Ben
17a Queensway, Bayswater, London W2 4QP
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12-11pm Sun - Thurs, 12pm-12am Fri & Sat
How much?

Meatliquor have been around for a while, so you probably already know the drill: incredibly gluttonous, no-holds-barred diner grub at the very top level. Overdoing it is kind of the point here, so if you’re wrapping your cheese-drenched burger in lettuce, you’re only fooling yourself. Undo your belt buckle and go whole hog.

The burgers come in various sloppily delicious ways, but the Dead Hippie is the one to go for, if only for the intrigue of the mysterious “dead hippie” sauce, which, I am told, is a sort of mustard mayonnaise. The sides are where you can get really creative in clogging up your arteries. Deep fried mac and cheese balls are bloody fantastic, but the real winner is the Monkey Fingers, strips of succulent chicken breast marinated in hot pepper sauce – some sort of miraculous cross between chicken wings and chicken tenders. Don’t miss out.

The Queensway branch features a bowling alley and a skate rink, for some late night boozy Americana fun. Just don’t go too early in the day, when the kids parties reign – post 8pm should be golden.