By Maeve
34 Trinity Road, SW17 7RE
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Tue-Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun 1pm-10pm
How much?
Meal and drinks for 2 people about £30

I came home tonight and told my boyfriend that I was going to write this review. “What are you doing?” he replied. “You’ll make it EVEN busier!” He does have a point. As I type this, I’m furtively looking around, worried the Tooting massive will hunt me down for disclosing a local secret. The Middle Eastern food, service and value at Meza are so good that I can’t keep it to myself. BUT there’s only room for 17 people to eat at one time. And, once you’ve eaten here, you’ll do anything to be one of those 17 again. Dish after dish of mellow, spiced and smoky dishes flow to your table. My favourites? Coriander potatoes and tahini, halloumi flatbread (the halloumi is IN the flatbread!) and char-grilled lamb. The only thing that might save me from local ostracism is that Meza also does take-away. There, I’ve done it. Sorry, Tooting. / Sara Lou