The Modern Pantry

By Maeve
48 St. John’s Square, EC1V 4JJ
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How much?
Afternoon tea: £15 or £20 including a glass of Prosecco

Here at The Modern Pantry global fusion cuisine rules and no more so than at tea time. The team down at Tunnocks can’t quite believe their luck. Never before has afternoon tea been so damn popular. These days, it seems, we all want to make like Queen Liz and nibble on cucumber sandwiches to the chinking of fine china. It was all starting to look a bit tiresome until some of the more forward-facing chefs got on board to liven things up. Top of the crop is The Modern Pantry‘s Anna Hansen mixing things up amidst the communal tables and mismatched vintage crockery. Her afternoon teas see her Antipodean leanings bring green tea smoked salmon, yuzu mayonnaise and sour cherry brownies to the table. Anna’s teas will have the Queen quaking in her Hunters. / Clare Considine