Mr Lyan’s Cub

By lauradavies
153 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ
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Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6pm til late

Cub is the highly anticipated new spot from Mr Lyan; king of the drinks world, and zero-waste pioneer Doug McMaster. Their new and unique drinks-led dining experience is proving luxury and sustainability can actually be friends. Going beyond the usual pairing, food and drink are approached as a united entity, which is highlighted by the lack of division between bar and kitchen. Instead bartender, chef, and bartender-chef prepare food and drinks side by side. The delightfully innovative set menu (at a reasonable £45) features a journey of dishes, drinks and bites, our favourites being the Shrooms on Shrooms and Krug Champagne. The blurred boundaries reduces waste in a charming way – such as enjoying carrot both as a flavour in the food and garnish in your drink. There’s loads behind each plate and drink, which the passionate staff are more than happy to tell you about. Lyan’s Cub is a big step for sustainability in a high-end world.