By Maeve
53 Warren Street, W1T 5NL
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Mon-Fri 11.45am-3.30pm, 6pm-10pm
How much?
Dumplings: 6 for £5.75

What’s not to like about dumplings? Let me answer that for you: NOTHING. Dumplings are wondrous, godly objects to be revered and worshiped in equal measure, but most of all they are to be eaten. However, this being an imperfect world, not all dumplings are created equal. Some are much more equal than others. Like the ones at Mushu for example… I, like Dylan, love a good set of dumplings as much as the next man. Or woman. Mushu’s sublime excellence extends far beyond the dumpling demographic, however. The service is charming, the setting – like the welcome current trend – is relaxed, informal and stylishly spacious (with the emphasis being on the food) and the food is comprehensively triumphant. Lions Head Meatballs, oof! And their adorable Nasu Dengaku could well become their trademark dish. And all washed down with lashings of sake and green tea. Proper grub. / Foo D and Eamon