By Maeve
111-121 Fairfield Road, E3 2QR
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Mon-Fri 8am-7pm Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
How much?
Breakfast for under a tenner

The East End is awash with eateries and al fresco drinking dens; there are so many in some areas that you trip over a flat white and stumble into a macchiato. The choice in E3 is slim to none though, right? Wrong. Muxima in Bow is fast becoming shorthand for that magical mix of hip style and coffee on Vicky Park’s south side. The art and culture cafe serves up a mean eggs benedict brunch with coffee for well under £10. With quirky and rickety furniture, the interior oozes personality and has art from local and international artists hanging on every wall. It’s not just a morning thing either. Open seven days a week and some nights for standup comedy, knitting and even storytelling sessions. Fresh food and drinks, fresher thinking. / Paul Mann