By Maeve
157 King’s Cross Rd, WC1X 9
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Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat 11am-4pm
How much?
A really good feed plus drink, around £7

I recently performed a not-so-thorough survey of not-so-randomly-selected Londoners, asking them what they associated with Kings Cross? “What, the station?” was a common response. “Full of prossies” also fared well. That no-one opted for the KX’s foodie offerings wasn’t too surprising – but watch this space. Where once was only cheap takeaways and doorstop sandwiches now exists contemporary British fare at The Brill, Itadaki Zen’s vegan and organic sushi and, most recently, Niven’s – a café-deli serving wholly home-made meals from sausage rolls and salads to tagines and tarts using Exmouth Market ingredients. It has a nice yellowy cosiness, nicer smells and a large communal table for paper-reading. / Richard Mellor