By Maeve
67 Peckham Road, SE5 8UH
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Mains: £9.50 - £13.50

Trying to get north Londoners south of the river is like trying to bathe a feral tomcat with one hand. It can be done, but don’t expect it. Usually. Stupid prejudices aside, recently I’ve been sampling the joys of Peckham (No my northern brethren, that wasn’t sarcasm – you’re just area-ist. Shame on you). Well, I’ve been there twice anyway, but my point still stands, Peckham has some gems and No.67 is definitely a shiny one. Food ninjas tell me this spot’s been on the brunch radar for a while, but now they’re open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday and those dinners are well worth a visit. The pork belly I had there was amazing, but the show stealer was the lamb – tenderlicious. Yes, I awarded it its own adjective. Run by friendly, efficient staff, it feels very chilled and intimate and as it’s hitched to the side of the South London Gallery, it’s the perfect place to get your grub on after ingesting all that kulcha. / Foo D