21-22 Warwick St, W1B 5NE
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Mon-Fri Breakfast 8-12 I Lunch 12-2:45 I Dinner 5:30-10:15 I Sat Breakfast 10-11:30 I Lunch 12-5:30 I Dinner 5:30-10:15 I Sun Breakfast 10-12:30 I Lunch 12-4

I’d spend all day in Nopi, if they’d let me. I messed up an 11:45 booking and managed to have both breakfast and lunch there, which places it high on my list of desirable Saturday morning accidents. The restaurant feels fancy when you walk through the weighty brass and glass doors, but the staff are suspiciously relaxed and affable and so, over a leisurely couple of hours we went from tea and a bowl of black rice with coconut milk, mango and bananas, to bourbon cocktails alongside jaw dropping and delicious tapas-style plates of pork belly and venison (that comes with what is essentially peanut butter and jam – don’t knock it til you try it). I’d heard the name Ottolenghi for years from my vegetarian dad, but had mostly relegated it to a mental file on “where to eat out with people on restrictive diets” and so hadn’t been in a particular hurry to try Nopi out.  I was wrong and I can admit that.  Not that people of restrictive diets couldn’t eat there and enjoy it fully, but there is plenty for the omnivorous glutton and that makes me happy. Also, and this is going to sound weird, use the toilets while you’re there.  They’re designed like the mirror scene in Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon, minus the deadly nemesis.  Everybody I went there with kept talking about them until I had to go down and check it out for myself.  Can confirm. Is Awesome. / Dylan