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535 Oxford Street, W1C 2QW
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Open 7 days a week: 10am-10pm, come rain or shine.

Notch is a haven from the Oxford Street madness – a welcome break to those manic afternoons trying to find that outfit. Some talented people have spent the last eight weeks painstaking putting everything together, this includes swings that overlook the street below. These are totally infatuating and at the same time a little unnerving, especially if you’ve had a few of the punchy whiskey cocktails. Speaking of which, the selection of drinks is top notch; three are served from tin cans – Old Fashioned, Negroni and Adonis. Sceptical at first, we can now vouch for tinned drinks – it’s a very cute idea. All refreshing, but the gin and elderflower ‘Kool Aid’ is the one to go for on a hot day. Alongside the view, the atmosphere, and the cocktails comes a selection of small plates; think buns and tacos, ceviche and smashed crab. If you find yourself in this end of town, this is just the rooftop hangout you need – just while away your afternoon and feel smug about avoiding doing any actual street level shopping. /Nicky