Oxo Tower Bar

By Maeve
Barge House, Southbank, SE1 9PH
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Mon - Wed: 11am-11pm; Thurs - Sat: 11am-11.30pm
How much?
£8.95 - £13.95/drink

Did you know advertising is banned on the Thames? Apparently the Liebig Extract of Meat Company worked OXO into the architectural plans of the now famous tower – despite being told it couldn’t advertise. Once a power station, the prominent Thames-side structure is now home to a number of design studios and of course Harvey Nichols’ well-regarded 8th floor eatery. The Oxo Tower Bar is an excellent drink stop amid a romantic stroll on the Southbank. Award-winning mixologist and bar manager, Ian Goodman, an employee of Harvey Nicks’ for over a decade, has put together a remarkable selection of well-concocted drinks that cleverly reference the Thames’ history. This is, as you may imagine, quite a nice touch as you’re gazing down on the river while the city sparkles in the background. / Chloe McCloskey