By Maeve
129-131 Stroud Green Road, N4 3PX
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Noon - Midnight
How much?
£6-£10 per pizza

You know that saying “Even Bad Pizza is Good Pizza”? Well that’s bollocks and if you believe it, you deserve all the greasy, pineapple topped, stuffed crust abominations that come your way. You loser. What should be an unf*ckupable (its a word) cheap meal has been bastardised beyond the point of no return. I mean Pizza Hut? Really? You can call me a snob, but whatever. My Dad, who is Italianish, took me out for a meal in North London a week or so back and not only was it decent, it was VERY tasty. Not tasty in the “Oh yeah, that was pretty good” kinda way, but more the “Demolish-your-own-&-then-steal-slices-from-other-people’s-unguarded-plates fashion”. I know you know. The place is called Pappagone. It’s near Finsbury Pk. Go school yourselves. Ya herd. / Foo-D

Photo Credit: Matt Seppings