Piebury Corner

By matosman
209-211 Holloway Rd, N7 8DL
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Tue-Thu 1am-7pm Fri-Sat 11am-5pm. Arsenal Match Days

Hearty, meat-filled pastries are a part of our national heritage.  It’s something we’re able to shine at, like being unimpressed, or getting beaten at sports we invented.  There are few things in this life as reassuring as good pies – they can be filled with whatever your heart desires and they’re best mates with gravy. Which is why it can only be good news that Piebury Corner, (a formerly mobile pie stall filling the expanding market of consoling Arsenal supporters with golden-crusted dependability), has upgraded to a permanent location on Holloway Road. Their smart new digs are not only crammed with life affirming pies of every flavour, but also pasties, scotch eggs and serious cheese. What more could you want? Yes, they have beer too. / Foo D