Pink Chihuahua

By jessfagin
El Camion, 25- 27 Brewer Street, W1F 0RR
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Mon-Sat, 6pm-3am

The camp name may sound like a hooters bar or a drag cabaret night, but Pink Chihuahua is, I’d say by far, the best tequila bar in London. The Day of the Dead meets neon psychedelic trip décor and a list of over 300 tequilas are brilliantly, albeit unexpectedly, brought together in a Soho basement. To add to the list of surprises, the bar is run by one of the most influential bartenders, Dick Bradsell, creator of many internationally famed drinks from the Bramble to the Vodka Espresso.  He’ll actually be working the bar, unbeknown to many that their margarita has just been shaken by a cocktail legend. Try one of the delicious agave spirits with a chaser of house sangrita, pomegranate juice and hot sauce, and you will never Jose Cuervo, lime and salt again. This welcoming member’s bar gets lively, but come 11pm you too will want to shake it like a Polaroid picture.