Bar WC2

Pitch Black

By jadeatkins
No Such Place, 68A Neal Street, WC2H 9PA
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Mon - Fri 6.30pm or 8.15pm (90 min session)
How much?

Dates are awkward. But Pitch Black has you covered. Remove the sense of sight and you remove eye contact issues, and the fear of having something in your teeth while you regale your mildly grossed out partner with your most charming anecdote – win win.

After being greeted by the host with a prosecco reception in a chintzy livingroom-esque bar, we were taken into another room along with 10 other people. After being given the lowdown and donning the night vision goggles, our host plunged us into complete darkness. We were served two classic cocktails and two vinos, which we were encouraged to touch, smell, taste but mainly to talk about what we thought we were tasting. The results were pretty interesting and the night was pretty fun. Word to the wise – your other senses are heightened so you may find yourself tuning on the other participants best date banter, or worse, their breath.