Pizza Metro Pizza

By Maeve
147-149 Notting Hill Gate, W11 3LF
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Mon-Thurs & Sun 12-11pm, Fri & Sat 12-midnight
How much?
Metro Antipasto (for 2) £16.50, pizzas £8.50-13.50

Normally it takes a lot to drag me West, but with the best meatballs I have had outside of my mother-in-law’s Pizza Metro Pizza in W11 does it for me. The calamari that comes with the mixed antipasti was also rather pleasing. The pizzas, which obviously can be ordered in the al metro style, are from base to sauce to toppings all thoroughly excellent, while they also serve two personal favourites: gnocchi alla sorrentina and sweet, crunchy struffali. It’s an ideal setting for a quick pasta or pizza or for a long, drawn out Italian extravaganza, but so blown away was I by the flavour-packed, home cooked cuisine that I can’t even begin to describe the decor other than I noticed the ovens and chefs as I walked in and knocked something ornamental flying as I left. / Eamon Downes