The Place

By Maeve
17 Duke’s Road, WC1H 9PY
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Contemporary dance is often overshadowed by its more mainstream, less dysfunctional cousin, ballet. Much like contemporary art, its definitions and boundaries are indefinable because they are still evolving, which makes for great entertainment if you get it, and bafflement if you don’t. For those that do “get it” or want to “get it” check out The Place. More than just a performance space, The Place is an institution devoted to contemporary dance: a school, a library, a café, and a theatre, it’s also home to the acclaimed Richard Alston Company. It’s also inexpensive, and its heavy rotations of events means you can be entertained for less money than a cinema ticket. For those willing to think outside the current dance box that is exploding, this comes highly recommended. / Sarah- Jayne Boyd