The Pocket Library

By Maeve
12 Needham Road, W11 2RP
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Sometimes a dress is required to be so much more than stitches and fabric. There are days when you need a dress to be your best friend, your lover, your biggest fan. If one of these days is on your horizon, it’s best you get in touch with Rebecca Denholm. Her Westbourne Grove Studio, The Pocket Library, brims with high-end vintage specimens that span the decades. The zen-like white space is a blank canvas for the ’20s sequined knee-skimmers and ’50s high society head-turners that coo from every rail. “Vintage dresses have quiet strong personalities,” comments Rebecca. “Some are romantic – some are boyish – some glamourous – some are quiet and understated – some are witty – When a dress clicks with the right girl, it’s like it was made for her if you know what i mean?” Place your faith in Rebecca’s hands and she will match you up with your perfect new best friend. / Clare Considine