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47 Hereford Road W2 5AH, London
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?How Much

By Ben

47 Hereford Road W2 5AH, London
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How Much?

It’s the middle of January; the streets of Notting Hill are bare, and on a grey, freezing Saturday evening, it feels more like Margate than Venice Beach. But there, in flagrant disregard for Londoners’ tendencies to succumb to gloomy sobriety, stands Pomona’s, a new casual eatery that seeks to bring west coast USA vibe to the city. It’s interiors are bare and bright, and would welcome the attention of the sun, if it was anywhere to be seen.

The menu is somewhat of a mix bag. Californian food is of course a bit of a melting pot itself, and tacos sit parallel to a mighty surf & turf. Standouts include the sweet potato toast topped with avocado and light and creamy yoghurt, and the tuna steak comes rare and is both tasty and clean. But, while there are plenty healthy options, it is the sinners who will leave most satisfied. The bartender whips up a mighty fine old fashioned, and the caramelized croissant and prune pie dessert – it has a texture akin to French toast – is a must-have.


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