Portside Parlour

14 Rivington St, EC2A 3DU
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The transition from pop-up to fixed feature establishment is not an easy one. If that transition lands you on the gastronmical highway of Rivington Street, you could be forgiven for feeling somewhat daunted. If Portside ParlourĀ is feeling the pressure, it doesn’t show. After an extended and much-lauded run underneath Off Broadway, this rum bar-cum-kitchen set up shop in Shoreditch in June. If the picture and the name haven’t given it away already; there is a heavy nautical theme. If we’re being honest, we pretty much immediately slipped into pirate character upon entering. After our first two rum-drenched and delicious cocktails our minds turned to food. We approached the menu with some trepidation, just because we wanted to drink (and act) like a pirate didn’t mean we necessarily wanted to eat like one. Thankfully the food menu has a slightly more refined edge. The stuffed zucchini flowers were enough to snap us clean out of our pirate fantasy and into food delirium. It wasn’t until the pork belly had been completely and swiftly devoured that we took a look at the prices. Yes, these are tapas style portions, designed for slow eating and sharing, nonetheless, we were taken aback by the cost. By the time we left, our pirate personnas had been replaced by a sort of Jack London-esque sense of discovery. We’d found something really quite rare; truly good value on RivingtonĀ Street.