Qui Quiri Qui

By Maeve
184 Hackney Road, E2 7QL
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Welcome to London’s first Mezcaleria! Locating this little gem is all part of the colourful experience of a night out on the mezcal tiles I assure you. On the corner of Hackney Road and Hassard Street there is a kebab shop with a bar downstairs. That’s not the bar you’re after. Qui Quiri Qui is, in fact, located at the end of Hassard Street, noticeable only by a small flashing ‘OPEN’ sign in the doorway. Down the marginally perilous staircase is a cosy single room bar, and home to what is sure to be London’s newest drinking sensation. For those of you who have not tried mezcal, it really is rather wondrous. While there are many similarities with tequilla, there is an added smokiness and je ne sais quoi that results in some truly imaginative metaphors as the night wears on. As redundant as this is, knowing that you will all enjoy this establishment responsibly, may I suggest not mixing mezcal with any other spirit, let’s say whiskey. That would be a bad idea. / Sam Frankl