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16 Hoxton Square N1 6NT
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16 Hoxton Square N1 6NT
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How Much?

Named after the 1970’s pirate radio station in Bologna, Radio Alice is from similar simple beginnings, in the form of two Italian brothers. Having recently brought their pizzeria expertise to Hoxton, the way they make pizza is somewhat unique. Stone-ground flour is used to create a base that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with toppings added after the base is cooked for extra flavour.

We try a Pizza Rosse (tomato based) and a Pizza Bianche (cheese based). Both have fresh, tasty ingredients on delicious bases (as promised) but the favourite is the Fiordilatte (a posh kind of mozzarella), tomato and basil. Italian beers and organic wines compliment the food perfectly, and topped with the passion of the waiters and the skill of the chefs cooking in the centre of the restaurant, it’s a truly authentic experience. The spirit of Radio Alice lives on, in the form of deliciously crispy, yet fluffy pizza.


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