By matosman
10 Shepherd Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7JE
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The burgers are green. The chocolate brownies? They’re green too. In fact, pretty much everything edible is green in Raku-Ichi, the green tea fuelled Japanese cafe of wonderful contradictions. Hidden away in a little corner of Mayfair, Raku-Ichi offers a throwback to the past, with a modern twist. Sitting in the snug cafe you feel as if in a bygone era, the long sprawling sofas, marble headstones and artwork giving the impression of a homely Victorian living room. The cafe’s pride and joy is their Teriyaki burger. Served in a bun infused with green tea powder, the flavours of beef, asparagus, egg and Raku-Ichi’s ‘secret’ sauce combine to give a taste that is both unique and addictive. It’s a burger without the guilt. Stay for the matcha sweets, the delicacy that Raku-Ichi’s owners previously specialised in as suppliers to Harrods. / SethBurkett