Bar E8

Ray’s Bar

95 Kingsland High Street Dalston, E8 2PB
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Ray’s Bar is not a speakeasy. Sure it’s at the bottom of a staircase, past a puffy-chested bit of brawn, but it’s more backstreet Tokyo dive than the haphazard ‘S’ word. The new bar-cum-pizza-haven is the brainchild of the late-night mavericks behind Dalston Superstore, Voodoo Ray’s and the beloved Dance Tunnel. Yeah we bemoaned its end but from the ashes something beautiful has risen. Inside, all-black everything pops with neon pink and purple – this one is quite the sight. Order a 12-inch pizza and a round of delicious cocktails and you’ll be there ‘til close. That’s 3am on weekends!