Red Lion and Sun

By Maeve
25 North Road, N6 4BE
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Food: Noon - 10pm daily
How much?
£13 main dish

I feel bad calling the Red Lion and Sun a gastro-pub. Not that it isn’t. It is. It’s a very, very good one and doesn’t deserve to be lumped in same category that’s become synonymous with laughable value for money and food which just isn’t that good. It’s not cheap (not expensive either), but the food is godd@mn spectacular. As is their whisk(e)y list. I went there for Sunday lunch last week and left four hours later, drunk off my face on roast beef, cauliflower cheese and apple crumble (and whiskey, yes). In the case of most gastro-pubs, you end up having to pay proper restaurant money for a sad looking main in a jumped up boozer you wouldn’t really want to drink in anyway. At the RL&S you get a nice pub complete with wood burning fire and occasional dog (not for eating), plus all kinds of edible goodness. The first time I went there, they were cooking a whole pig in the back garden. A WHOLE PIG. / Foo D