Rola Wala

By manuekanayake
36 Brushfield St, E1 6AT
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How much?
Sourdough grain bowl, £6.45, low carb cauli bowl, £6.85

Every street food place in London is trying to re-invent the classic menu these days, but Rola Wola (literally ‘man who rolls’ in Hindi) does so much better than most. They’ve adapted Indian classics like dahl and naan – theirs is a sourdough version that’s easy on the stomach and holds sauce well – for the modern palette, with some inspired additions: paneer cubes work well as a garnish and we loved the ginger spiced ice-cream sandwich that was a deliciously sticky sweet treat. The Nagaland Lamb was satisfyingly savoury and well-flavoured in the aforementioned naan, though perhaps a touch sweet with the suggested pineapple and mint sauce. The charred chicken also did a good job with the cauliflower & kale ‘rice’. This dish could so easily have been bland but the rice took the tomato and naga hot chilli sauce very well; perhaps too well for our friend who doesn’t usually struggle with spice.  Rola Wala’s new outpost in Spitalfields is so small there’s not much room to dine in, but that’s not the point. This is food you can eat quickly; fuel for a big night or a big meeting – and just the thing to cure cravings or hangovers. A local gem.