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95 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3BS
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How Much?

If you like bottles of organic red wine and on the bone steak you’ll enjoy yourself at Sagardi.

Rich peppery olive oil and tears of sour dough begin our transportation to Basque country – a place we’d be happy to stay in but are glad we didn’t, having experienced the rest of our meal. Simplicity leads the way with emphasis being put on the preparation of the local ingredients from the meat to the lettuce. Dry cider acted as an effective palette cleanser between courses of slow cooked Tolosa black beans; glorious steak with roasted piquillo peppers and dark ceps served with egg yolk. We finished with cheese from high grazing sheep and apple jelly before yoghurt ice cream, caramelised sour dough, blackcurrant compote and fresh mint.

An open kitchen grants access to the cooking of the enormous steaks – packed heavily in salt to seal the meat and thrown onto searingly hot fires. The chefs know what they’re doing and enjoy chatting to patrons who want a closer look. Sagardi definitely encourages a level of eating with your eyes, from walking in past quietly hanging cows to choosing your meat from a selection of cuts brought to your table. With the steaks priced by weight, the dishes lend themselves to sharing – perfect for a group looking for an opulent journey through Basque country cuisine, accompanied by delicious cocktails in the heart of Shoreditch.


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