By Maeve
18 Thayer Street, W1U 3JY
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12pm-12am, 7 days a week
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Central Asia doesn’t get such good press – at best poor Kazakhstan has its fair share of infamy, but the other ‘Stans don’t rate much of a mention. Which is a pity, since the Central Asian region has much more to offer than Borat, from glorious outdoor activities to hearty comfort food: plov (the missing link between Asia’s pilau and Europe pilaf), lagman from the hand-pulled “la mian” of China, and the meat on a stick beloved of Mongols, Tartars and other barbarian hordes. Samarqand offers all of these, with an interesting collection of cocktails (Bloody Masha- vodka, tomato and gherkin) in a slick set-up. Desserts aren’t a strongpoint of Central Asian food, and are instead provided by neighbouring Cocorino with its Italian pastries. So, what are you waiting for – don’t just ‘Stan’ there!/ Justin Toh