By Nicky
20 Paul St, EC2A 4JH
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Savurè sits in an intriguingly calm area considering it’s so close to the mania that is Shoreditch. In the little streets surrounding this new Italian restaurant there are a few ‘old-school’ pubs that on this mid-week evening seem to be the only sign of life. But this adds to the charm, especially if you’re searching for an oasis. An oasis made of pasta.

Savurè hails from Turin, where we know from personal experience they are serious about their pasta. Like real serious. On entering the restaurant we are presented with a very sleek set up and selection of different types of freshly made pasta – Wholegrain Maccheroni, Spaghetti, Gnocchi, Filled Pasta – that you match with a variety of sauces. We were guided through various combinations and ended up trying quite a few out of indecision. Though the one that stood out was the simplest; Doppio Burro e Parmigiano. This glorious double butter and parmesan dish is heaven.

We’re well-informed that Savurè has a large lunch time following from surrounding offices, and we can definitely see why. Hopefully this will soon extend to the evenings – go on, go out for a pasta dinner, it’s totally worth it for the old taste buds, and it won’t break the bank either.