Season Kitchen

By Maeve
53 Stroud Green Road, N4 3EF
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Tues - Sat 5.30pm - 10.30pm
How much?
Mains £10.95 - £18.50

Because of my ongoing battle with innate slackness and non-clinical retardation, it’s taken me a full year to get round to eating at Season Kitchen (the closest restaurant to my house). And now, after having one of the best meals I’ve ever had in London, I feel like an idiot. An idiot who has missed out on a year’s worth of suspiciously awesome meals that are almost literally on my doorstep. By rights I should kick my own ar$e. As the name suggests, everything is seasonal – the menu changes all the time depending what’s available. The main of miso-glazed aubergine is rather special in aubergine season, for example. When I went last week, I had the venison shoulder and I cried a little. In a good way. If I gave stars (and I don’t), I would five star the h£ll out of this place. Oh, and they’re now open Sundays. So, yeah. / Foo D

Photo credit: Heather Kennedy