Shutterbug: Experimental Crepe and Cocktail Speakeasy

By Maeve
1 Rivington Pl, London, Greater London EC2A 3BA
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We must admit, there are a few historical inaccuracies with Shutterbug. Billed as a “unique experimental crepe and cocktail speakeasy for London” we’ve racked our brains through all our Year Nine history projects and whilst there was something about a prohibition causing a lot of nuisance, pancakes have rarely been able to create such uproar and loosely connected HBO spinoffs. We’re happy to ignore such quibbles for such uniquely-named spots though, because they sure know how to put together a pancake. Fully licensed until midnight with heated outdoor area (smokers, take note), drop by for drink or pre-party bite. Don’t get indigestion. / Claire¬†Tayler