21 Hatherley Mews, E17 4QP
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Tues - Sun: 12pm - 10pm
These days the secret to a good pizza place is not just in the dough, its in the way it makes you feel when you’re chowing down on that fifth slice of heaven. Luckily, the newest Walthomstow Sodo is all about the good times. You don’t just feel satiated by being there, you also feel damn cool. We mean if you’re wandering Walthomstow, it’s likely you’re a proud home owner – well done -​ or a jealous friend visiting one. So it’s nice to see that the good eatery folk you so often frequented as a less shackled but house-less Hoxtonite/Claptonite understand that even people who live far away need to eat and feel cool while doing it. Well done Soda. E17 is where it’s at. Let’s hope that delish Thai place and cosy cafe up Stoke Newington way follow suit.