Son of a Stag

By Maeve
4 Wilkes Street, E1 6QL
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Mon & Sun 11.30-6pm, except Tue 11.30-6.30pm & Wed-Sat 11.30-7pm
How much?

When it comes to partaking in some brand new denim, this is more often than not my first and only stop. In addition to their extensive, international range of top quality gear, including reams of selvedge, you’ll be on the receiving end of some exquisite and thoroughly polite service. With most pairs weighing in at between £100-£200 a throw, there’s thankfully no pressure to buy. The staff will give you the thorough lowdown on the source of both the material and place of manufacture and they also knock out in-house tailoring and adjustments. There is also all manner of other clobber should you wish to complete your outfit from the bottom up and, as I mentioned before, not cheap but you can’t expect to pay nothing for a pair, not in this game. / Eamon Downes